Mini Pomeranian or miniature pomeranian are one and the same thing. They’re a mixture of pomeranian breed dogs with some different breed dogs which are smaller in size then pom breed. This is carried on by some breeders only and it is not a particular different breed. The main purpose of doing this is to make the size of a pomeranian dog much smaller then it’s natural form. Most breeders carry on this type of breeding because people demand for it.

Mini pomeranian are not at all different then normal or natural pomeranians. They’re same and they posses same features. But along with that they also posses different characteristics as well. This type of breeding becomes risky as it is not always sure that the newly born puppy is going to be healthy or not.

Mini pomeranian is formed by breeding two runt dogs. The dogs which are smaller in size or in other words not properly developed are used by breeders. This is definitely unethical and should be avoided at all costs. The prime reason to avoid is because the pet is unhealthy due to this fact. Along with being unhealthy they would also carry some sort of diseases like diabetes, thyroid, etc. Which in the end would risk life of a puppy.

Mini pomeranian

Mini pomeranian looking cute!

If you’re planning on getting a mini pomeranian pet then the most definite task you need to do is to get it checked from a vet. Make sure that your puppy is healthy and doesn’t carry any risk for life. This is one way to make sure your pet stay happy and healthy. The another thing which you need to care about is you should go to a well-known or reputable breeder only. You should make sure that the breeder is not doing anything unethical in the process which can risk the lives of a pet.

If you follow the two things correctly then you avoid risking life of a pet. Also, you in turn make sure that your pet is going to stay healthy and will be happy with you.

Mini Pomeranian Caring Tips

If you’re a miniature pomeranian owner then you surely need to be a little careful in handling your puppy. As mini pomeranians are more delicate then natural pomeranian they require a little bit more care. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with them. You can do whatever you want with them, you can play for whatever time you want, you can hang around them as much as you want there are no restrictions on it.

The things which you need to care about is their diet. They require proper amount of food. You need to make sure it is not more and not less as well. You need to provide healthy diet and should not offer them garbage food or junk food as that will damage their digestive system.

The other thing you need to care about is getting regular checkups. If you’re pomeranian is not feeling well or not staying happy and if you feel there is some problem then high number chances there is a problem. So, the best thing to do is get regular checkups from a vet and make sure the puppy is fine.

Other then that there is nothing more you need to be worried about. You can do whatever you want with them and enjoy as much as you want. They’re easy to get along and definitely you’ll have fun with them.

Mini Pomeranian Health

Mini Pomeranians do require additional attention towards their health as we discussed above. They’re quite delicate and may suffer to additional exterior changes around them. We’ve got a good detailed post about Mini pomeranian health make sure you check it to understand more about it.


Miniature Pomeranian or Mini Pomeranian are small sized pomeranian sold by many breeders out there. This kind of Pomeranian puppies are smaller in size then natural Pom puppies. The reason behind it is they’re mostly unethically  breeded by the breeders to make them more cuter or sweeter looking. That means mini pomeranian or miniature pomeranian is not an actual breed. It is just a mix of pom with another breed of puppies.

The natural pomeranian are very healthy and they’re small enough already. The whole pomeranian breed is already classified as toy-sized breed of puppies. So, there is no need to make them more smaller to make them look cute. This is just a sells gimmick and if you’re thinking of adopting them then you should surely stay away.

Mini Pomeranian

A mini pomeranian looking cutely!

Problems of Miniature Pomeranian

The major reasons why it is not good to go for Miniature pomeranian is they’re not in their natural form. They’re turn much lighter in weight and much smaller in size compared to the original breed. This creates various sorts of problems for the puppy to live. Here are the list of problems which mini pom may face:-


They’re under-sized as they’re mixed breeds and thus they’re not entirely in their best shapes. This will create a lot of problems for your pet and eventually may cause death for the pet itself. There may also come problems in its diet as they’re not perfect shaped. They may not take proper diet which a body require. They’ll not getting proper nutrients which are necessary due to this.

Allergy Issues

Miniature pomeranians might also face allergy issues as they’re mixed breeds of some smaller breeds then their own. The other breed which they’re breeded with may poses some characteristics which are not friendly for pomeranian and thus creating internal conflicts for the body. This will result into body being weak against the certain things and which may cause an allergy of lots of things.

There are various other problems which a puppy might have to face due to the sole reason of being tiny. But, it certainly doesn’t mean that all the mini pomeranians may face issues. If you’re pomeranian is healthy then you should not worry about other issues.

If you’re thinking of adopting a miniature pomeranian or buying a pomeranian from a breeder then it is must that you get them checked by a vet first. You need to make sure that your puppy is healthy. If a vet confirms that you’re pomeranian puppy is fine and healthy then and only then you should take them with you. But despite that you do need to take care of them very much.


Pomchi is a hybridized breed of dog; it has come into existence by cross-breeding Pomeranian and Chihuahua breed of dogs. Pomchi are also popular with the name of Chi-Pom, Chiranian and Pomhuahua. No matter what they are called but the characteristics of the dogs remain same. Although both the breed is not 50% purebred instead most of the times they are multigenerational crosses.

Nature and Temperament of Pomchi

Pomchi have acquired nature of both its parents they are intelligent, sweet and alert dogs. They are good alert dogs just as same as Pomeranian they are more close to its owners. They are graceful and love to spend time with the people in the home. They have a face that always appears to be smiling. They do not get along kids well sometimes, so you may need to train them for this task or be a mediator and strengthen friendship. They are also very fragile so you have to be careful while you play with your Pomchi and let it play with other heavy dogs. They are lap dogs and love to be cuddled.


A sweet Pomchi.

Health Care

Pomchi may have single coat or double coat of Fur on them. Due to this Fur they need to be brushed up regularly and daily to keep away any curls and dirt that may result in losing its Fur. It is also advisable to take care of its dental health on a regular basis. This would help in reducing the risk of enamel loss that is more prevalent with its breed. Other health conditions that they are likely to suffer are patella luxation, collapsed trachea, hypoglycemia, and other eye infections. If these areas are taken care of properly then many of the risks can be avoided by timely care.


Pomchi can be trained easily single-handed without any interference from a third person. They are stubborn and rebel many times. It is very much necessary to not to ignore any of its particular habits that are causing you problem and to keep those habits in check. They are more indoor dogs; they are very small in size to be left around in crowded places. But they must be made tolerant to other dogs too. It is necessary to teach them dog-dog obedience which would not let them become aggressive in their adulthood.

Pomchi are nice short and small dogs, if you want to get a dog that can accompany you with emotions always then this is the one. They are of short stature and would not let you feel the loneliness. Pomchi are a great and sweet companion to be around always. They can be trained perfectly to adjust your lifestyle and your work style. They would learn to obey soon. They would never be a menace if you know how to handle them well on the other hand if you are truly occupied with your work and life and do not have some time for these little lovely creatures it is advised to go for some other breed. Pomchi would need attention, love and care from its owners.


Hybridized puppies or mixed breeding in dogs is very much popular. Before few time there were other mixed breed dogs that were in fashion in the market. In the recent times it is all about Pomsky.  It is new designed mixed breed of dog that has come into existence after mixed breeding Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies.

Pomsky Nature

In nature Pomsky have derived the nature of both the breeds the Pomeranians and the Siberian Huskies. They are very intelligent and very sharp in learning anything new. It is very easy to train these dogs as they would learn quite well and faster. They would not take a lot of time in learning any new habit they would adapt to any new method or habit easily and in just matter of few days. They are very sharp and alarming creature. They can prove to be great watch dogs they would alarm you for any type of danger surrounding you, your family or home. They also love to be cuddled and played with as they are very intelligent it is important for them to stay busy with some or the other activities. Being idle is not the solution for Pomsky they would get depressed and low and would chew your furniture out of idleness. Thus, it is important that they are kept involved in everything. They are good in getting along with kids they would not have any complaints about that thing.


A lovely Pomsky.

Pomsky Physical Features

Pomsky have adopted physical features of both their breeds and resembles more to Pomeranian. They have inherited the small size as well as the fur from the Pomeranian. The weight of the Pomsky would directly be in accordance to the weight of its parents. It would be a simple calculation add weight of both of its parents and divide it by 2 that would be approximate weight of the fully grown Pomsky. So if someone is trying to explain you that the fully grown Pomsky you are interested in buying is of 15lbs while its parents weigh 30 and 20 lbs then they are trying to cheat you. This is simple and basic calculation of Pomsky weight.

Pomsky Health Issues

There are no specific issues that are found in these breed dogs. They are quite healthy unlike Pomeranian and are quite easy to maintain just like other dogs. You may face some specific problem with its shedding fur. They shed their fur twice a year and get a fully grown new fur every year twice a year. You may be not so happy to know this but this is true. These dogs shed their fur more. Other than that they have a nature that loves digging the grounds. This is not a huge problem unless it starts digging your furniture. But, if you do not want your Pomsky to get dirty every now and then for that it would need training to control its nature. Pomsky are healthy in nature so that would not be an issue with them.

Pomsky are not considered as any specific breed as they are mixed breed. Also, breeding of Pomsky to Pomsky should not happen until quite a few generations. The basic reason for this thing is it would lead to Throwback puppies means the puppy born would inherit the characteristics of only one breed from Pomeranian or Siberian Husky and it would also lead to death of the mother giving birth. It is thus important to avoid any of such things. In food they can chew up anything easily and their teeth are not so fragile. But the food should be fed keeping mind the basic precautions for both the breeds.

Pomsky are lively and loving little dogs in your home they are quiet and sharp they would easily adapt your family and would get adapted by your family with warmth too.