Investing In Atlanta: What Potential Investors Need To Know


It is true that the real estate market in the country is reviving, but this does not mean that the market is doing the same in all parts of the country. We have some parts of the country where the real estate market has exceeded where it was before the 2008 crisis and other places where the market is still struggling to catch up with the rest of the country. It is worth noting that Atlanta was among the cities where the real estate market was stagnant even before the 2008 crisis. The crisis sunk the market underwater and investors got discouraged to invest in Atlanta. However, the situation seems to have made a U-turn a few years after the crisis and the once underwater market is now thriving. The following are some of the basic things you need to know before investing in Atlanta.

1. The Market Is Still a Buyer’s Market

It is worth noting that although the real estate market in Atlanta is booming, the prices are yet to reach the prices of properties in some big cities in the country. Properties are still affordable in Atlanta and the market is still a buyers’ market. This means that those planning to acquire properties in the city, this is the right time to do saw before they become too expensive to afford.

2. Property Prices Are Increasing Rapidly

It is worth noting that property prices are increasing rapidly. Both homes and rental properties are gaining value year after year and those acquiring properties there are likely to make more money if they sell them in the future. This means that the market is suitable for buying properties to hold and sell in the future and flipping houses. It is also worth noting that rental rates in the city are on the rise and the trend is evening expected to go up in the near future.

3. The Market Is Now More Regulated Than Before

The Atlanta real estate market is now more regulated than before. The local and housing authorities have established strict laws to protect the rights and interests of the tenants, property owners, property managers, and the community. This means that the city of Atlanta is now a better place to invest in real estate than before. Those planning to try their luck by investing in Atlanta should not worry about the safety of their investments because the market is now secure.

4. The Number of Property Managers in the City Has Increased

It is worth noting that the property management industry in Atlanta is also growing and the number of property managers is increasing rapidly. This means that you do not have to live in the city or near your properties so that you can manage them. You can now invest in the city’s real estate and hire a local property manager to take care of them on your behalf. Additionally, finding a good investment deal in the city is now easy because you can hire a property manager to help you with the search. All that you need is to hire a reliable property manager to help you in your investment tasks and you are good to go.

5. Management Services Are Affordable and Better

The management services in the city of Atlanta are still affordable compared to other big cities in the country. This means that those investing in the city’s real estate market are paying pocket-friendly rates for management services. However, the quality of management services has improved greatly in the recent years and both tenants and landlords in the city are getting excellent services.

I have worked with a few of them and overall, they all performed well. The company I recommend the most in Atlanta is RPM Citywide. They have always served me well, and I’d say if you own property, to call them and compare them with other companies in the region.

6. The Number of New Buildings has Increased Rapidly

It is also worth noting that the homebuilders who had moved to other parts of the country where the market was not badly hit are now coming back to take advantage of the booming market. This means that new buildings are now coming up in Atlanta and the city that was once known for old buildings is now having numerous new buildings, especially in the city’s neighborhood.

7. Demand for Housing Is On the Rise

The city population is growing rapidly and the demand for housing is increasing. This means that more people, especially the Millennials, are relocating to live and work Atlanta. Consequently, the demand for housing in the city is increasing and those buying real estate properties there are going to make huge returns from their investments.

Best Areas in Seattle to Invest

space-needleThe Seattle real estate market is believed to have reached the peak and property are very expensive. If you do not know, some of the expensively priced homes in the country are found in Seattle. However, the truth of the matter is that home prices are relatively affordable now compared to where prices were before the bubble burst. In fact, this is the right time to acquire properties there if you have plans to do so because the demand is still high and prices are not coming down anytime soon.

Seattle is a beautiful city and the real estate market is expected to keep on rising in the coming years and those buying properties now are expected to reap huge returns. It is also important to make sure you have chosen the area where you want to invest wisely because not all parts of Seattle are real estate hot spots. Try as much as you can to buy in the growing areas because properties are cheaper and are likely to gain more value in the future. It is advisable to work with some local property managers (  if you are planning to invest in rental properties so that they can help you get a good deal. Meanwhile, here are some of the best areas to invest in real estate in Seattle.

Top Surrounding Seattle Areas To Invest In


Kirkland is a very attractive place to invest real estate in Seattle because many people love living there. The area is a short distance from Seattle across the bridge and suitable for family people and people those who do not like living in the heart of the city. Kirkland has its own shopping center and many beautiful parks that make residents feel at home. Job opportunities are available in the area and its neighborhoods and demand for rentals are very high. The majority of the people who rent houses in the area are the working class in the area and its surroundings. You can, therefore, invest in both residential and commercial properties and make good money.

2. Redmond

If you are not conversant with Redmond, let me refresh your mind a little bit. Redmond was ranked by CNN, in 2012, among the top five best places to live in the U.S. This is enough evidence that this is a posh area and real estate properties are highly priced. Demand for both commercial and residential properties is very high in the area and many investors are rushing to acquire more properties there to take advantage of the booming market. Employment opportunities are also available in the area. Remember that some of the leading companies such as Microsoft are found there.

3. Bellevue

You cannot afford to ignore this area when investing real estate in Seattle. Bellevue is a popular place that was ranked among top 40 best places to live in the country in 2012. The demand for real estate properties is very high in the area and home prices are quite high. There are adequate social amenities in the area to give residents maximum comfort. It is also worth noting that the area hosts some of the best schools, making it an ideal place for families and students. However, it is worth noting that more people work in Bellevue than those living there because residential properties are quite expensive. If you are planning to invest in Condos, family homes, and high-end apartments, then you should not hesitate because these are very profitable in the area. However, you need to make sure the properties are reasonably priced to attract more tenants.

4. Bothell

Bothell is another real estate hub in the area that you should consider buying rental properties. The area is located near the downtown of Seattle and a popular place for renters working in the neighborhoods. The majority of the people who live area are financially stable with a medium annual income of about $105000 and do not mind paying more to hire a decent housing. Property management services are readily available in Bothell and other parts of Seattle. If you are looking for a reputable property management company, contact T-Square. Investors do not have to worry about who is managing their properties or tenant satisfaction.

5. Issaquah

I know that many people do not know this place, but it is among the places where real estate is growing tremendously in Settle. Just to give you some insight about the area, Issaquah was ranked among top 100 fastest growing cities in the country and top 5 in the state by Forbes. The area is a business hub and employment opportunities are numerous. This area is growing rapidly and therefore suitable for those looking for properties to buy properties now so that they can sell later to make profits.

Using Real Estate Investing To Reach Financial Freedom


We all wish to reach our financial freedom before retiring from our formal jobs. It is the dream of every person to have a source of passive income to sustain his or her lives without having to work every day. However, it is not easy for many people to achieve the dream of reaching financial freedom before their retirement. This is because many people make wrong investment decisions or they live very expensive lives when young and do not invest at all. Well, if you want to reach your financial freedom before your retirement, you should consider investing in the real estate market. Real estate is one of the most reliable types of investments that can give you steady revenue without much struggle. The following are basic tips on how you can use real estate to reach your financial freedom.

1. Invest in Rental Properties to Collect Rent

This is a popular real estate investment strategy that you can use to reach your financial freedom. Here you need to acquire some rental properties in a strategic location and rent them out to get steady monthly revenue. You can buy already built rental properties or get some land and establish your rental properties. The good thing is that getting lenders to finance a real estate investment is very easy when compared to other types of investments. If you do not have enough money to build or buy a rental property, you can approach lenders within your area to finance your investment. Either way, you are sure that some money will be deposited in your account every end month without much struggle after renting your properties. Remember that you can hire professional property managers to take care of your properties if you have other commitments or if you want to avoid running after tenants every end of the month.

2. Buy- and- Hold


This strategy is very effective if you are planning for your retirement and you have extra capital to invest. Have you ever asked yourself how you will survive after retirement with no monthly salary? This is an issue of concern for many people because you need a passive source of income to live a good life. If you are planning for your retirement, you can buy some real estate property and hold it to sell later when prices have appreciated. Many people prefer living and working in urban areas, hence the demand for homes and rental properties are always higher than the supply. It is a wise decision to buy and hold real estate property today so that you can sell it later and make a profit.

3. Use Private Capital to Invest in Real Estate

Any type of investment is a risky undertaking because a slight market change can result in huge losses. This has discouraged many people from borrowing capital because they are not sure whether they will be able to pay back their lenders. However, real estate is one of the most reliable investments where you can use borrowed capital to reach your financial freedom. When it comes to real estate investing, you aim for your investment appreciating in the long run so that it can pay back your lenders with ease. You can borrow some money, invest in rental properties and use the collected rent to pay back your lenders. Moreover, you can build homes and resell them to make a profit by using borrowed capital. All you need to do is look for a lender with low-interest rates, friendly lending terms and a great real estate market.

4. Become a Local Real Estate Market Expert

Many people believe that the only way to make money in real estate is by owning properties. However, this is not true because you can make a good amount of money and reach your financial freedom by becoming a local real estate expert. You can choose to begin as a realtor and help people to buy and sell real estate properties or a property manager and make good money managing investments entrusted to you. All that you need is to study your local real estate market and understand its trends. It becomes easier for you to acquire good properties in the since you developed an in-depth knowledge of your local market.

5. Invest in Flipping Homes

Flipping homes is another very profitable business in real estate that you can use to reach your financial freedom. If you have enough capital, you can buy properties in bad shape at low asking prices, renovate them and resell them at profit. However, you need to do intensive research before committing your money to make sure that the home that you intend to flip will earn you a good profit.