Different Ways to Maintain Your Property during the winter in Boise

When you ask landlords in the city of Boise one of the most stressing experiences they face, they will definitely mention the responsibility to make sure the property is in good condition during the winter. The fact that winters in the city are associated with harsh weather conditions that cause damage to properties make it difficult to maintain them. This means that landlords incur huge expenses doing repairs on their Boise property every year after the winter season.

If you are working with a rental management company, feel free to contact them and ask them about what they believe needs to be done before the winter season commences. For those looking for a property management company in Boise, click here. Lastly, for those landlords who want to take the DIY approach, keep reading. Here are some of the maintenance tips that landlords can use to maintain Boise property during winter and save on repairs.

6 Winter Maintenance Tricks For Your Homes:

home-tools1. Protect the Pipes from Freezing

Temperatures are very low in Boise during winter seasons and chances are very high that water will freeze in the pipes, especially in vacant houses. However, you can avoid such incidences by leaving the central heating system on at a low temperature. That way, you will be able to prevent water from freezing in the pipes, causing pipes to burst.

2. Empty the Water System If the Properties are Vacant

Sometimes the properties may remain vacant for a long time and it might be expensive to leave the central heating system on. The other option is to drain all the water from the water systems. This will make sure no water freezes in them during winter when no tenant is occupying the properties.

3. Unblock the Gutters and Drains

During winter, water freezes in drains and gutters and they are likely to break if nothing is done. It is important to hire a professional to check and clean gutters and drains during winter to make sure they are not blocked with solid items and frozen water. This will save you from expensive repairs after winter to have the gutters and the drains replaced.

4. Get Rid Of Solid Items and Snow from the Roofing

Snow and other solid items are likely to accumulate on the roof of your rental properties in Boise. Accumulation of solid items and snow on the roof may interfere with the normal flow of rainwater causing leakages. More so, accumulation of snow and other solid items may damage the roof. However, as a landlord, you can avoid such damages by getting rid of snow and other solid items from the roof.

5. Work On the Compound Landscaping

Landlords in the city of Boise can avoid the stress of having to plant new lawns every time after winter by preparing the lawn to survive the harsh weather conditions. For instance, you can apply winter blend fertilizer on your lawn so that they can remain healthier during winter. The trees and shrubs need to be pruned to make sure they are not damaged by storms and strong wind. This is very essential, especially if the trees and shrubs are very close to the property. Click here for some landscaping ideas, Pinterest is always a great place to find some home renovation inspiration.

6. Educate Tenants on Basic Winter Maintenance Tips

This may sound obvious, but it is a very effective way of maintaining properties during the winter season. As a landlord, you can make sure your properties are in good condition by educating tenants on basic winter maintenance tips, especially if you live far from the properties. Tenants can play a very important role in ensuring the properties are safe during winter if they are educated on what to do.

Tips on Advertising Your Rental Property in Chattanooga

Investing real estate in Chattanooga is a booming business and rental property owners in the area are smiling all the way to the bank. However, it is worth noting that the real estate market in the area is highly competitive and property owners should advertise their properties extensively to reach out to possible renters. Remember that you are not alone in the industry and you need to convince tenants that your properties are the area.

You can choose to advertise the property by yourself of hire a Chattanooga property management company to help you. However, hiring a property management company to help you is more effective, especially if you are new in the industry, have limited time or if you doubt your marketing skills. Here are some basic tips on advertising your rental property in Chattanooga that you should consider and some of the things that you should expect a property management Chattanooga Company to do for you if you hire one.

  1. List the location of your rental property and contact information

Chattanooga is such a huge city and not everyone is conversant with the city streets and its suburbs. It is, therefore, important to mention the specific location of your rental property so that it can be an essay for potential tenants to trace it. You can use the GPS technology to put the actual address of your property and some key landmarks near it. It is very important to list some contact such as your email and phone so that possible tenants can easily reach you for more details.

  1. Mention date and time when the property is open for viewing

It is important to mention the date and time when your rental property is open for viewing. Remember that some tenants would like to see every unit in the house before deciding whether it meets their requirements or not. It is important to set a specific date and time when your house is open for viewing to avoid inconveniencing them.

  1. Make sure you set the right rent

It is very important to set the right rent when advertising your rental properties in Chattanooga. Tenants in the area are very concerned about what they required to pay and it is important to charge the market rate or something slightly less if you want to make your properties more competitive. It is also important to check with your state laws to see what they have set as the cap rent and security deposits that you can ask from tenants. Remember that setting too high rent will scare potential tenants and a very low rent will result in losses.

  1. Include the size and special features of your rental property

It is very important to mention the size and special features of your rental home when advertising it. In many cases, property owners only mention the square footage of their rental homes, but it is important to mention small units in the home so that possible renters can have a clear picture of the layout and dimensions of the property. You can also mention some special features such new appliances, patios/decks, dishwashers, and other features that you feel will make your property more appealing to potential tenants.

  1. Number of tenants allowed and pets

It is very important to mention the number of tenants allowed in your rental home based on the number of bedrooms. You should also clarify whether you allow pets in your property and if tenants with pets are charged any extra fees.


Upcoming Neighborhoods in Denver


Property management is one of the profitable businesses that you can start and build massive wealth within a very short period. Many people, especially in developed countries such as the U.S. have realized how profitable this business is. The market is already flooded with individual property managers and property management firms. However, this does not mean there isn’t room for new aspiring entrants to venture into the business. All that you need is to get your resources ready and try your luck in the upcoming neighborhoods of Denver where it’s still unsaturated. New properties are constructed in these developing neighborhoods and you are likely to find clients looking for property managers to take care of their investments. If you are aspiring to start a property management firm in Denver, the following are the major developing neighborhoods that you should consider targeting.

1. Villa Park

This is one of the quickest growing neighborhoods in Denver where real estate is not yet overpriced. Villa Park is a block-to-block type of neighborhood and most of the houses have their own charms. It is worth noting that Villa Park is a multicultural area and many people from different parts of the country have bought or rented their homes. The area of Villa Park is actually similar to how Five Points was about a decade ago and its livability is improving year after year. The good thing with Villa Park is that it has some of the most affordable houses in Denver that have attracted many first-time real estate investors. Many investors are buying homes in Villa Park so that they can rent and generate some income. This makes Villa Park one of the areas that you should consider venturing into if you are a new property manager in Denver. The competition is relatively low and you can get real estate clients (both property owners and possible tenants) very easily.

2. Littleton

Littleton is one of the developing neighborhoods in Denver that have undergone a rapid transition in the recent years. However, it is not yet fully developed and houses are not very expensive. The average price for a home in Littleton Co, by 2015 was below $300000, making it one of the areas with the most affordable housing in Denver. It is worth noting that Littleton is a few minutes from an urban center and many Millennials are finding Littleton a suitable place to rent their first homes. There are adequate buses operating throughout the area and it is also suitable for those who love biking.

3. Chaffee Park

Other than being ranked among the safest neighborhoods in Denver, Chaffee Park is also popular for its housing affordability. In fact, the majority of the locals love Chaffee Park, and it is the outsiders who give the region bad reputation. Social amenities are readily available and means of transport to and from other parts of Denver is not a problem. Many first-time real estate investors in Denver are considering buying their properties in Chaffee Park. Rental investment is growing rapidly in Chaffee Park and if you’re an aspiring property manager or broker, this is a great place to make your mark.

4. East Colfax

Many people have associated Colfax with a bad reputation and nothing desirable. However, East Colfax has been undergoing a transition in the last five years. Its real estate has been doing very well in recent years and the area is gradually catching up with the rest of the Denver. Many people have started to love the neighborhood and the number of real estate investors willing to buy properties there is on the rise. Basic social amenities are now available in East Colfax and the local government has invested a lot of money to provide good infrastructure in the region. Consequently, the number of possible tenants looking for homes to buy and rent in this neighborhood has increased consistently. This makes the East Colfax area one of the promising neighborhoods for a property manager in Denver.