Pomeranian Barking

By Sahil Kotak

July 12, 2013 Training No comments

Pomeranian Barking is a vital part of its life and also yours this is the only way your Dog will do all the communication with you. It may be an complain, a request, a demand, a care. A Pomeranian will also bark if it wants your attentions these is the most common thing your Pom will bark for. But still a barking should not always be ignored.

Pomeranians are very good at learning they will learn easily if you train them to not bark when it is not required so it is easy for you to understand them. This would undoubtedly seek a lot of patience and time from you but eventually they would learn it.


Pom Barking

A Pomeranian puppy barking.

Pomeranian have a lot of reasons to make themselves noticeable, they may start barking if you come home as this would be a moment of happiness for it. They may bark if they are excited about it. They feel it they are excited about your arriving, as young ones they may even urinate out of excitement. It is usual for them as they are not aware in their excitement that they are urinating but this problem would disappear as they grow up.

They may also bark when they are bored, lack of interest in something is a big reason for them to bark. So it is necessary for you to socialize at young age. It is also important to provide them a lot of toys so that they are always busy with them. It is not spoiling a dog if you are giving toys to them it is actually an act to help them out. You can do alternate with a group of toys on weekly basis as to maintain their interest.

Another reason that your Pomeranian would bark is that they are trying to protect you. In this matter we suggest not to go on their size, they are very clever and sharp they are aware of any unidentified objects and any strange person. They just want to warn you against any possible problem that they smell outright. It’s their instincts so they need to tell it to you.

Self-Protection Pomeranian bark as they want to protect themselves, this includes protecting their toys, food bowls and their belongings. They feel insecure that their toys and food would be taken away by someone so if someone enters in their comfort zone resultantly they would start barking. It is important that when they are eating nobody disturbs them as they would feel that their food would be taken away. Eating should be tried and made a comfortable and enjoyable experience so they are not in rush to save their food. This would create an anxiety in them.

They may also bark if they listen to some loud noise or some alarms. If your dog responds to a siren or alarm or a loud noise by barking then it’s usual. A dog has an latent capacity to listen a lot more than you do. So think of yourself listen a whistle without prior notice and close to your ears. It is disturbing, the same thing happens with your Pomeranian they are not barking because they have a habit to bark on everything but it is disturbing for them. And if the area where you live is facing some unusual voices and alarms then soothe them take them in home. Your act may indicate them it’s not an emergency and its safe situation.