Why Pomeranian Dogs?

Hi Guys,

My Name is Mark and this is my blog. Now I’ve had this blog for a long time so here is the backstory. I own and love pomeranian dogs. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also had the urge to reach true financial freedom and let me tell you it isn’t easy. I’ve tried my hand at many ventures and the way I’ve actually had success with is by getting involved in the real estate market. I’ve had small wins over time and I’m still working to reach my goals.

I used to train and breed pomeranian dogs for side income. Now I just own and love my own but I spend most of my free time looking for opportunities in the real estate market. This is no easy task and I pride myself on developing my knowledge and my craft.

This is my personal blog where I share my knowledge with you. I hope its helps. Sometimes I write about real estate in general but most of my stuff is for the purpose of finding new opportunities. I will post wheneverI find a new opportunity that presents itself and maybe every once in a while I’ll talk about my dogs 😉