Different Ways to Maintain Your Property during the winter in Boise

When you ask landlords in the city of Boise one of the most stressing experiences they face, they will definitely mention the responsibility to make sure the property is in good condition during the winter. The fact that winters in the city are associated with harsh weather conditions that cause damage to properties make it difficult to maintain them. This means that landlords incur huge expenses doing repairs on their Boise property every year after the winter season.

If you are working with a rental management company, feel free to contact them and ask them about what they believe needs to be done before the winter season commences. For those looking for a property management company in Boise, click here. Lastly, for those landlords who want to take the DIY approach, keep reading. Here are some of the maintenance tips that landlords can use to maintain Boise property during winter and save on repairs.

6 Winter Maintenance Tricks For Your Homes:

home-tools1. Protect the Pipes from Freezing

Temperatures are very low in Boise during winter seasons and chances are very high that water will freeze in the pipes, especially in vacant houses. However, you can avoid such incidences by leaving the central heating system on at a low temperature. That way, you will be able to prevent water from freezing in the pipes, causing pipes to burst.

2. Empty the Water System If the Properties are Vacant

Sometimes the properties may remain vacant for a long time and it might be expensive to leave the central heating system on. The other option is to drain all the water from the water systems. This will make sure no water freezes in them during winter when no tenant is occupying the properties.

3. Unblock the Gutters and Drains

During winter, water freezes in drains and gutters and they are likely to break if nothing is done. It is important to hire a professional to check and clean gutters and drains during winter to make sure they are not blocked with solid items and frozen water. This will save you from expensive repairs after winter to have the gutters and the drains replaced.

4. Get Rid Of Solid Items and Snow from the Roofing

Snow and other solid items are likely to accumulate on the roof of your rental properties in Boise. Accumulation of solid items and snow on the roof may interfere with the normal flow of rainwater causing leakages. More so, accumulation of snow and other solid items may damage the roof. However, as a landlord, you can avoid such damages by getting rid of snow and other solid items from the roof.

5. Work On the Compound Landscaping

Landlords in the city of Boise can avoid the stress of having to plant new lawns every time after winter by preparing the lawn to survive the harsh weather conditions. For instance, you can apply winter blend fertilizer on your lawn so that they can remain healthier during winter. The trees and shrubs need to be pruned to make sure they are not damaged by storms and strong wind. This is very essential, especially if the trees and shrubs are very close to the property. Click here for some landscaping ideas, Pinterest is always a great place to find some home renovation inspiration.

6. Educate Tenants on Basic Winter Maintenance Tips

This may sound obvious, but it is a very effective way of maintaining properties during the winter season. As a landlord, you can make sure your properties are in good condition by educating tenants on basic winter maintenance tips, especially if you live far from the properties. Tenants can play a very important role in ensuring the properties are safe during winter if they are educated on what to do.